Someone asked me today if I’ve quit blogging.

Nope! Just slammed to the wall getting ready for this trip to Ubaúna on Monday. It is comical to watch people go into “freak mode” when they discover that I’ve going to Brasil. They can’t fathom the world continuing to turn in regards to their health if the “guru” has “left the house.” So, they line up like airplanes at rush hour at LAX trying to get in to see me.

Combine that with being gone for two weeks (I have to do all my work for two weeks even though I’m not here!) AND trying to coordinate all the last minute details for a pilgrimage to the desert of northeastern Brasil and you have 28 hours of work to cram into puny 24 hour days. I almost need a trip to the land that time forgot just to recouperate!

I am trying to keep mini-updates posted on the G(i)FB(o) site, so check there often. All of my posts from Brasil will be there as well.


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