Acting up

I’ve been hanging out in the book of Acts the last week or so. A couple of things are standing out about the modus operandi of the church:

  • They were consumed with presenting Jesus
  • They would go to any lengths to reach people, especially those the established religious structure didn’t want
  • They offended the Pharisees — they cared more about reaching people with the good news than anything else. Their “offense” was often painful.
  • The number of believers grew unbelievably
  • It was a people movement
  • They turned the world upside down

With our Ubaúna trip a week away, with what is happening at Lifepoint, Acts has my full attention!


One response to “Acting up

  1. Joe, I truly do appreciate your heart. I am praying for you and your team in Brazil. I hope things have been going well. At the same time, although I appreciate your intentions, I do not think the methods of Lifepoint are Biblical. I talk about this a bit more on my blog:

    Blessings to all.

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