Heading south

Slightly more than a week to go before heading to Ubaúna and I’m pumped!

There’s a sense of excitement that I have been unable to quelch and it is growing. It’s waking me up early in the mornings and stays with me all day long. Exactly what is in store for us is yet to be seen, but I’m ready!

Check this out. If you are open to helping us, we’d love to have your participation. If you are not in Wilmington, you can go to the Gospel for Brazil web site and contribute securely online through PayPal. The Feed a Child for 84¢ is the first picture; that link will take you where you need to be to contribute.

If you are interested in the activity that will be generated on this trip to Ubaúna, be sure to bookmark the G(i)FB(o) blog. I’ve already begun posting details of the pre-trip there so you might want to check the last couple of days. You can rest assured that I will shamelessly tout this several times over the next week! 🙂


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