Creamy stuff between the dark stuff

Life is really interesting when you’ve just lost everything to crashed hard drives.

I mean that.

The day the drives went to sheol, I was at the office to midnight. It was all I could muster to not freak out. In the past, when I worked with computers for a living, I would have been ranting and raving, throwing things and using ugly words, giving in to total panic. Driving home I talked to myself and God — I told myself to get a grip; I asked God to help me.

Five a.m. the next morning I’m up to go pray with a bunch of guys who’ve sold out to the Ancient One. The crashed drives are still on my mind. I’m tired, grumpy and sullen.

Then it happens. Everything changes. An hour in prayer with men who would be willing to give their lives for the Kingdom and I’m transformed.

Its kind of like oreo cookies. The dark chocolate waffers are ok by themselves, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to pick up a pack of them. The white cream on the inside, well, that changes everything. Now you’ve entered the heavenly!

Moral of the story: When it all seems to be going wrong, screw the dark stuff off and enter the heavenly.


One response to “Creamy stuff between the dark stuff

  1. Reflections of an oreo…nice

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