I’ve been conspicuously absent these last several days on my blog. It hasn’t been on purpose.

Our two primary computers at the office did a big-time nose dive and I’ve been scrambling to get back up. This was a major crash and it occurred on a redundant array (fancy term for multiple hard drives chained together). That means that originals and backup files were zapped. I have potentially lost irreplaceable files for the business, Gospel for Brazil and personal items. I’ve shipped the primary hard drive off to a recovery expert to see if the files can be recovered. The other drives were fried.

That big rain we had yesterday was about the size of the tears I’ve shed! 😦

My pastor/buddy Jeff was quite sympathetic: “You should have Macs and that wouldn’t have happened!”

Thanks, buddy!

I’ve been frantically reloading files and backups that did survive (thank you for networks that allow you to spread files out on multiple computers!) in between seeing patients and dealing with customers wanting to purchase supplements in the store when we had no cash register available (cash register = crashed computer).

Question: When someone asks “How are you?,” is it a fib to say “fine” when all you want to do is scream?


3 responses to “Crashed!

  1. I’ve been having issues with my internet connection, to the point that it’s almost affecting my blogging. It really sucks.

    Good luck and I hope everything works out for you.

  2. I have to back my pastor on this one. Can’t see that happening in the land of MAC. Hope things work out for you but if they don’t, you can get an ipod free with the purchase of a MAC right now.

  3. Mac users always have to rub it in my face when my PC gets messed up. 🙂

    Seriously, I am thinking about a Mac for my next computer, just because everyone who uses one swears by it and I’ve never heard of ANYONE making the switch back to a PC.

    Aren’t they a bit pricey, though?

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