I’m in an interesting place.

Ever seen a dog go into a room, turn round and round, and finally lie down and curl up? I feel somewhat like that. I go through a day, turn round and round, forget what I’m doing, lie down and curl up. Perhaps some of it has to do with age, pehaps some of it has to do with more on my plate than I can handle at one time, probably a lot of it has to do with what God is doing in my life.

With the “adventure” of the uncertainty of Jeremy’s whereabouts in Iraq, the interaction with folks dealing with life at full tilt, funky stuff at work and the upcoming Brasil trip, I’m running on cruise control.

And I’m finding it “interesting” that this is not a bad place to “be.” At least for a time.

P.S.: You might start checking the Gifbo blog site over the next couple of weeks. I’ll begin posting a lot there as we prepare to head out to Ubaúna and especially while we’re there.


One response to “Cruising

  1. Hey man I wanna meet up with ya. Anytime and anyplace…I know you’re busy…I just wana lay out my heart to you.

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