Sex and the Word

For the second week in a row Lifepoint jumped into the sexual foray with the gloves off. No punches were pulled . . . it was a rip roaring roll in the hay, or rather, the Song of Solomon.

Pastor Jeff and his spouse Michelle bravely went where most churches would never dare. The result was nothing short of phenomenal. With so many marriages walking in precarious territory and with sex being the focus of the problems, the church today must address the issue or else give up the ground to the world. Not a good option.

The world has already claimed the ground. Pornography (if you don’t think this is a real issue, you’re sadly mistaken), infidelity (more divorces than marriages), sex with children (have you seen the news the last few days?) and this is just the calm stuff. Folks sitting in church every single Sunday are struggling, the sense of guilt overwhelming, incapacitated and unusable in Kingdom work because of the problem. Satan has been sent to the neutral corner to dance and strut while the ref is giving the 10-count to the church lying prostate on the canvas.

I talk to these people every week in my practice. I know the struggles they are going through sexually. Ask any pastor, counselor or school teacher. Sex is in. Sex is big. Sex sells. Of all the sins, it is the one category that makes you feel the dirtiest and the guiltiest. Yet the church keeps quiet.

This is what charges my battery about Lifepoint — the willingness to deal with the issues that no one will. This is why lives are being changed and reclaimed.


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