Road to Reality

I’m in the process of re-reading a book I’d read two years ago. I’d lent my copy to a friend and never gotten it back, so I recently picked up a new one.

The book is by K.P. Yohannan of Gospel for Asia. Entitled Road to Reality, I dare youroad-to-reality.jpg to try to read it and come away unchanged!

Warning! It may be offensive to some of you. Here’s a snippet:

We don’t accept ‘the nail’ because it would mean death to our ‘self.’ We demand instead the pleasure our desires for self gratification. And we have found ‘shepherds’ and Bible teachers who will give us a ‘feel good theology’ to match and justify our lives of sinful rebellion. Much of this ‘Santa Claus religion’ is centered around a horrible distortion of Bible doctrine. It denies the demands of the Gospel and says, “You can have the good life NOW, and heaven besides!” It tickles our ears to hear this religion taught. It promises us the services of a god who exists to solve all our problems; making us happy, healthy, popular, successful and rich. This sounds like the false promises of Baal or the idol gods of paganism.

It is obvious that Jesus will have no one among His followers who is wanting to put comfort, family ties or security in this world, ahead of His kingdom. Jesus is saying in effect, “I offer you what I have; hardship, hunger; labor, loneliness rejection, sweat, tears and death. I’m a stranger and pilgrim in this world, and if you follow Me you will have to break away from the clinging attachments of this present life.” There is no place in His band for those who are not willing to accept inconvenience, sufferings, and uncertainty. This is still the price of following Christ today, just as it was then.


This book was an eye-opener for me and is having as much impact on me now as it did two years ago. Should you be crazy enough to want to get a copy, I’d suggest that you get it directly from the Gospel for Asia website: it’s cheaper there than anywhere else ($10) and you help support their evangelism in India.

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