Videos and Crowbars

I’m sitting here watching video tonight. Video taken in Brasil. Video of kids and poverty. I’m trying to figure out how to present it to folks who really don’t care. I can’t knock them; I was in the same boat for longer than I care to admit.

I had a friend make a good comment a day or so ago: “cast vision, don’t sell needs.” I know he is absolutely right. No one gets excited about needs; no one alters their lifestyle because of needs that someone else has. Vision will cause the unchangeable to transform; it will make the tightest penny pincher give you the combination to his safe; it will draw the apathetic in like a moth to a flame.

But as I sit here and look at these faces, it is the need that overwhelms me. What in the world am I supposed to do about it? Talk about doubts! But I simply can’t let go of it — I can’t give up on what I know God, not me, placed in my heart. If He put this vision in my head and the doors all seemed to be shut, I guess I’d best be checking the windows.

Anybody got a spare crowbar lying around?


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