Remembering what I forgot

Ever felt like you were missing something?

You’re a day late, a dollar short, left your notes at home for an important meeting, didn’t pack underwear for a trip, left your cell phone at the office, forgot that today was your wedding anniversary. We do it all the time. It irks us; it can embarrass us; it can be detrimental to us.

What is even more maddening is to have something and not be able to find it. You just know that it is in the dresser drawer or the blue box in the attic or the plastic storage bin in the garage. You wildly tear through where it is supposed to be because, after all those months or years of not needing it, now you desperately need it. You go back to where you’ve already looked and look again, just knowing that it just has to be there.

Sometimes what we’re looking for is really important. Some of the folks going to Brazil with us on this trip in July have valid passports. They haven’t used them in a few years and “stored” them in a “safe” place. Yep! You guessed it! They turned their homes upside down frantically looking for that little blue book. Fortunately, everyone found them; but one had already started the paperwork to get a new one — that was how sure she was that she couldn’t find what she had put away for safe keeping so she could easily put her hands on it later.

David asked Ahimelech, “Do you have a spear or sword of any kind around here? I didn’t have a chance to grab my weapons. The king’s mission was urgent and I left in a hurry.”  The priest said, “The sword of Goliath, the Philistine you killed at Oak Valley—that’s here! It’s behind the Ephod wrapped in a cloth. If you want it, take it. There’s nothing else here.”  “Oh,” said David, “there’s no sword like that! Give it to me!”
–1 Samuel 21:8-10

The boy king-to-be David is running for his life from King Saul. He cut out of Dodge so fast that he doesn’t even have a weapon to defend himself. He drops in at a local church for a bite to eat and asks the pastor if he happens to have a weapon lying around. [SIDENOTE: most pastors I know usually don’t keep a loaded .38 in their desk drawer]. Amazingly, this pastor just happened to have Goliath’s sword in the closet.

You remember Goliath. The 9-foot tall dude who wanted to feed David’s intestines to the birds? Goliath had a really bad day when he met David. In fact, you might say he lost his head. A bit of a frontal lobe headache produced by a small river pebble turned into a terminal “disease.” David takes his massive sword as a souvenir and we don’t hear anything else about it.

Until now.

The “forgotten sword” becomes the catalyst that propels David into eventual kingship of Israel. What he’d forgotten became essential to his success.

I continually have those moments. God has a way of helping me “remember” what I’ve forgotten. Sometimes he does it without me looking for “it;” most times I’ve gone looking for “it” without knowing where “it” is and he helps me find “it” in unlikely places. There are even times when I don’t know what “it” is, and he shows it to me.

I’m wanting him to show me my “Goliath’s sword.” I’m hoping I have the strength to pick it up…


4 responses to “Remembering what I forgot

  1. I love it when my wife spends hours adorning and preparing herself then, just as we are leaving, has to rush back indoors to get something she had forgotten. There is a Kenyan saying that “He who spends time adorning himself knows he is going to a dance”. This saying came to mind a few weeks ago as I watched my wife spend almost thirty minutes in front of the mirror. When I jokingly told her that she was spending too much time using cosmetics on an already stunning and gorgeous face, she responded, “Stop it charming … I’m not spending time here, I’m investing time”. Immediately when she said that I thought about the Kenyan saying above. Through this simple interaction, the stunner (my sweet wife’s nickname) had just contributed towards refreshing my mind with brilliant insight. I rephrased the saying to, “She who invests time in preparing herself knows that there is something special in her future”. The stunner invested a significant amount of time in preparing herself that morning because she was expectating to meet a client later in the day.

    Preparation is the key to securing your future. I normally ask young people, “Are you adorning yourself?” “You should be”, I urge them, “because there’s a dance awaiting you”. The dance is the future that you were destined to live. One of the most beautiful things in life is a man or woman who is ready when his or her time comes. “You may not be in the ‘dance’ of your life right now, but you can prepare because the truth is that every human being gets the opportunity to experience their dance.” The problem is that very few are ever ready when the moment comes.

    My admonition to young people is this: start adorning yourself. Invest in personal growth. Read books that will prepare you for the future. Develop yourself into the kind of person who will shine on the dance floor when destiny finally says, “Here’s your chance”. Get ready! The quality of dance you expect in your future determines the amount of adorning you will do today. Raise your expectations. You shouldn’t be expecting to go to some mediocre dance. Your goal should be to dance in the most sophisticated dances reserved for the ones who have invested heavily in themselves. Preparation is key. Let’s not forget to adorn ourselves.

  2. Herman,

    You have to be a remarkable fellow!

    First, we share the name “Herman.” It’s not the one I hail by — I’m named for my father and he goes by “Herman;” so as to not be confusing while I was growing up, I was called by my middle name. But any time I come across fellow “Hermans” I feel special.

    Second, the insight your wife has blessed you with shows that you are open to wisdom, even if it does comes from your wife (why is it that they are always so much smarter than we?). I love the Kenyan saying — it is so true.

    Thanks for a great post!

  3. I know, I know … they are much smarter than we are! Before we got engaged I had to acknowledge to her that intelligence skipped the male population. Thanks for the inspiration. I do feel super-special when I meet other “Hermans” too. It’s a rare name. Have a great day!

  4. Hey, we Hermans gotta stick together! Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only “unintelligent” hubby out there! 🙂

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