Lackadaisical Faith

Have you ever considered what might happen here in the U.S. if something like this were to occur?

Taliban Tells Pakistani Christians: Convert or Die
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan  — Christians in a Pakistani town beset by proTaliban militants sought government protection Wednesday, the eve of a deadline for them to convert to Islam or face violence.About 500 Pakistani Christians in Charsadda, a town in the North West Frontier Province bordering Afghanistan, received letters earlier this month telling them to close their churches and convert by Thursday or be the target of “bomb explosions.”

Several Christians, a tiny minority in the predominantly Muslim country, have fled town and others are living in fear, community leaders said.

Some complained that police were not taking the threat seriously.   —Fox News

Where is our sense of outrage? Why is the Christian community not up in arms about this?

Hint: it won’t even be mentioned in a church this week.


4 responses to “Lackadaisical Faith

  1. The western church shows little concern or even basic knowledge that they have persecuted brothers throughout the world. Pastors don’t preach on it. The Mainstream media doesn’t report it on headline news programs, so if churches don’t bring it up, who will?

  2. It’s almost as if we don’t mention it, it doesn’t exist.

    Sad thing is that the American church WILL be held accountable for turning a blind eye to the church’s suffering. It’s a miserable state of affairs when the richest Christians who’ve ever walked on the face of the earth horde their God-provided wealth for their own pleasure and vanity.

  3. Great post! I think it’s hard to say that no churches are doing anything to assist in this matter or matters like it. Many church denominations that are involved in international missions are acutely aware of situations like this and working with government officials to seek assistance for groups of believers that are being persecuted.

    Another question to present that will simply stoke the flame of controversy on this topic is:

    What would be the “churches” course of action to assist anyone in this type of tragedy?

    I am not by any means suggesting that we don’t do anything to assist, but its a great question.

  4. You are correct. Making a blanket statement will never be fair.

    Of course some churches are acutely aware of the responsibility and are proactive in trying to address it. I am less gracious to the denominational international mission boards. Way too much goes into administration overhead and far too little actually gets to the field. I suppose that this is an issue for discussion in and of itself.

    As to what can we do as a body of believers here in the U.S. and far removed from the believers who are suffering persecution, the answer is: a lot.

    There are some excellent, proactive and hands-on organizations that are already in the midst of the fray. Three of which I am involved (and there are others) are Open Doors (, Gospel for Asia ( and Voice of the Martyrs ( These groups are present where the problems exist and are offering financial, physicial, spiritual, emotional and legal support to our brethren. They are active in bringing the problems to the American church’s attention and organizing on-going and special as-needed support.

    We don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

    Additionally, there are smaller groups that are active on a local church level. They don’t have the resources of the larger organizations above, but they can be effective on the smaller scale.

    The problem is for the local church to take on the responsibility to be involved. This is where I’ve encountered the greatest resistance and apathy. This is where we will be judged for failing to act when the means to do so was on our doorstep.

    Thanks so much for your inquisitiveness and insight!

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