Got the good news call!

We had a great Mother’s Day present just a few moments ago — our son called!

He is well. He’d only heard about the incident with the missing soldiers yesterday. Seems one of his best friends was hit with shrapnel during an attack a few days ago and his unit had been in blackout mode for the last several days. He was very apologetic, which I find humorous. Him apologizing for being ok is the equivalent for someone being apologetic for winning the lottery!

I told him to not let it happen again! 🙂


One response to “Got the good news call!

  1. My buddy mullah cimoc (which, BTW, in Farsi means “I so stupid that mama slap me”) responded again with a repeat of his previous babble. The man, who isn’t even Arab, but a jerk who is as caucasian as snow, gets his jollies harassing anyone posting on Americans serving in Iraq. He is a coward using multiple email addresses.

    Because his post was so insightful, I’m allowing this snippet:

    mullah cimoc say me great big studid idiot

    He has a web page and has his portrait on it.

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