Want to know a parent’s nightmare?

3 missing, 5 killed in attack on U.S. patrolBAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — American troops were on the hunt in a volatile region south of Baghdad for three members of a U.S.-led military patrol, who went missing after an insurgent attack Saturday that killed five others.The U.S. military said attackers struck the team of seven U.S. soldiers and an Iraqi army interpreter.It was unclear whether the Iraqi was among the missing or among those killed, and it is not known whether the interpreter was a soldier or a civilian employee.

U.S. forces are using all assets in their search for the missing troops, who are listed as duty status whereabouts unknown, the military said.

It’s easy to say “stay.” It rips your heart out when open your computer and see this. Want to get inside a parent’s head when he sees this:

Could my son be one of the five? Could he be one of the three? Is he safe? Information! I want more information! Wait, always wait…”names are not being released until the next of kin have been notified…”

Based on where my son is supposed to be, he wouldn’t be involved. That’s my head talking. Based on what he’s told me, he could be anywhere at any given time. Until I get an “I’m ok,” I’ll be a bit more jittery than normal. That’s my heart talking.

Regardless of what you think about this war in Iraq, please don’t forget that it is not taking place in a vacuum. Those are real people dying there, both Iraqis and Americans. And don’t forget the families of our soldiers who are walking on pins and needles back here.


3 responses to “Want to know a parent’s nightmare?

  1. mullah cimoc say him warning ameriki people in 2003 when bush the invading iraq.

    mullah cimoc then tell all ameriki saying please to reading the books of him chairman mao tse tung on guerilla warfare strategies and tactical.

    mullah cimoc say even in the 2003 him insurgent run the “enrage the bear tactical”.

    bear so ferocious, but running to and fro and the lunging to and fro, finally getting tired and the weaker and finally after the tormenting after the exhaustion him wanting to be killed just for ending the suffering.

    this usa now in iraq. so the weaken, now the guerilla more aggressive but still the so careful. the bear still roar but hearing now the weakness.

    in this time now all muslim knowing that in new iraq only him who killing so many ameriki soldier having the status and the power.

    the collaborator him to die and all the family too, unless so torture by ameriki.

    only one kind of the voting to count in new iraq. this ballot him calling the body bag containing the ameirki soldier ballot. if not have the this ballot, not having him vote.

    this new man in new iraq him true warrior face every day adversity. him only man with political power in new iraq.

    for this reason now the killing for starting so much against ameriki soldier. the wife telling the husband, “Omar, you needing for killing three ameriki now so our children him going the college and have good job in new iraq”. Also, “you not my husband if not killing ameriki soldier.”

    this new kind of gold rush, but this rush him calling this the rush for kill ameriki soldier.


  2. I am 52 years old. I have seen and experienced alot of evil things during my lifetime and seen many evil acts commited by people. Whoever this Mullah Cimoc is has to be an emissary of the Devil. To respond to an innocent parent’s agony in such a cynical and inhumane manner is criminal and an indicator of a cursed soul. I am horrified beyond words. Joe, my friend and my brother, I love you and I feel absolutley helpless right now to communicate any appropriate consolation. Please simply be assured that you are loved and are being prayed for. And Mullah, believe it or not, I will absolutley pray for you this night, as I pray for God to forgive the anger you have brought into my own heart.

  3. Dude, get a life!

    If you really were Mullah Cimoc, I could at least understand. Unfortunately, you’re an idiot pretending to be someone who you are incapable of being.

    You can’t even do a decent job of imitating someone who can’t speak English well.

    Me hopes you dumdum man never have stuff so bad happen for family your. Happy be you ameriki man you insult am Jesus man and him you pray for.


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