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Cocaine Hypocrites


NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (AP) — An energy drink called Cocaine has been pulled from stores nationwide amid concerns about its name, the company that produces it said Monday…

The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter last month that said Redux was illegally marketing the drink as a street drug alternative and a dietary supplement. May 4 was the deadline for the company to respond

The FDA cited as evidence the drink’s labeling and Web site, which included the statements “Speed in a Can,” “Liquid Cocaine” and “Cocaine — Instant Rush.” The company says Cocaine contains no drugs and is marketed as an energy drink. It has been sold since last August in at least a dozen states…

Attorneys general in Connecticut and Illinois recently announced that Redux had agreed to stop marketing Cocaine in those states, while a judge in Texas has halted distribution there.

“Our goal is to literally flush Cocaine down the drain across the nation,” said Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who announced the company’s agreement with his state Monday. “Our main complaint about Cocaine is its name and marketing strategy seeking to glorify illegal drug use and exploit the allure of marketing ‘Speed in a Can,’ as it called the product.” — cnn.com

What a bunch of hypocrites!

These are the same “leaders” who allow the unfettered killing of hundreds of thousands of citizens every year through the use of legal drugs without the blink of an eye.

Of the 783,936 annual deaths due to conventional medical mistakes, about 106,000 are from prescription drugs, according to Death by Medicine. That also is a conservative number. Some experts estimate it should be more like 200,000 because of underreported cases of adverse drug reactions.     —newstarget.com

It’s a stupid energy drink!

Crime is running rampant, politicians are stealing us blind, our morals and international standing is in the toilet, BUT, the FDA and Attorneys General are protecting us from an evil energy drink.

The inmates are running the asylum.