Daily Archives: May 1, 2007

I hate Perry Noble — Revisited

Is this crazy or what?!

I write a piece on Perry Noble, the dynamic pastor at NewSpring Church in Anderson, S.C. I’d heard of a couple of blogs/articles written bashing the man with the “I hate Perry Noble” theme in full gear. The man impresses me. I thought I’d do a type of word-turn — implying something bad but writing something good.

Turns out I caught a lot of people’s attention.

My hit counter has been working hard since I posted the blog almost six weeks ago. Even more interesting is the way the hits come in waves. For a few days they come fast and furious, then dwindle to just a hit or two. Suddenly they swell to another wave, only to turn into a trickle. after a few days.

Observing how people find the post is also interesting. Some of the craziest search phrases are used to find it. I’d love to sit with the folks at NewSpring for a couple of days just to see all the stuff they get. It must be hilarious and maddening at the same time.

Ever since visiting NewSpring for their Unleash conference several weeks ago, my admiration for the man that so many folks seem to love to hate has grown. I find it amazing how he hits on so many of the issues I struggle with personally in his blog and how he comes away with the same conclusions I often do (great minds thinking alike? hehehe).

If I’m able to turn some folks on to this fellow through my unorthodox and round-about way of complimenting him, then I guess I’ve done good.

Maybe I should tell you about some other things I “hate” . . .