The Perry Noble Effect

I find it interesting that I can write a note about Perry Noble, intentionally labeled diabolically, and get numerous and continuous hits from people who have no clue who I am.

I am a fan of the man. He personifies passion for the Kingdom. In my book that makes him special. I’ve been confronted by the same element that so wants him gone, the spiritual elite of American Christendom. They are vicious.

I don’t know that I would agree totally with everything that Perry does or believes. I know few people that I would, but I know that we are on the same page where it matters and that puts us on the same team.

What is amazing is the intensity of the scrutiny the man, and his name, undergoes online. I think he should franchise his name. A new church plant could call itself the “Perry Noble Church of the Lord” and instantly generate interest. Perry would get a piece of the action, the new church would garner intense publicity — both win. Or, he could create a “Pay Per Click” usage format for his name, much like Google and Yahoo do for companies that want to advertise their products online. In this manner, the “Perry Noble Spring Clothing Line” would earn him money and sell clothing for the advertiser. Or, how about capitalizing on the name like sport’s celebrities do: “Come by Stevenson-Perry Noble Honda this weekend for fantastic savings…the place where Perry does it right!” Perry Noble Chicken, Perry Noble Lawnmower, Perry Noble Ice Cream (I’ll bet he’ll endorse that one for free!).

Crazy, all of us!

P.S. (June 3, 2007): I cease to find it amazing how if you dislike someone who doesn’t see eye to eye with you that you’ll go to any lengths to twist and turn what you find written about an individual, even in jest, to imply that the individual is a looser. I understand Jesus’ vehemence at the Pharisees and religious leaders of his day — calling them “snakes.”


3 responses to “The Perry Noble Effect

  1. The Christian world is full of critics. And, to some extent, we must test the things around us. Like you, there is some stuff about Perry Noble, Newspring and almost every other church I’ve been too, that I don’t agree with. What bothers me is our tendency as evangelicals to throw babies out with the bathwater or just become to darn stubborn to learn from the places where God is obviously moving. I pastor in a small seminary town where you pay lots of money to learn how to critique everything around you and maybe, just maybe, learn to do some ministry, too.

  2. “Throwing the baby out with the bathwater” is no longer acceptable to me. I reject the polite “evangelicals” moniker. Let’s call it what it really is: “Sin.”

    I’ve got seminary degrees out the wazoo. I have decades of experience “in the ministry.” Frankly, it sickens me. So much so that I left it all years ago, swearing that I would never participate in that “crap” again.

    As the Lord began the process of bringing me back to his plan for me after a decade and a half of me being absent, he pointedly illustrated that I had been caught up in the crap, not in the power. He wants the crap no more than I do.

    This has changed everything for me. Perry Noble has personified in so many ways my desire to take heaven at any cost. I’m willing to charge hell with a water gun to snatch souls from the hand of the Evil One, knowing that it is the Jesus Lord who is all powerful. I have little time for people who are content to play church, or worse, who are willing to knickpick and attack those who have their hands on the plow. Given equal time to try to change one of them or work with an unbeliever, I’ll always choose the unbeliever.

    I don’t mean to go off on you, j4jesus (is that your given name?), you just happened to have lit a fuse. I really do appreciate your input; it appears that you’ve been doing some hardcore thinking. As I’ve discovered, “hardcore thinking” will always get you in trouble! hehehe

  3. Go off whenever you like. I have flown off the handle a couple of times about much of the “refuse” spewed out by the seminary in the town where I pastor. And I can do that because I’m also a graduate 🙂

    Jason is my name . . . the j4jesus thing was something kind of lame I came up with when I started blogging. Who was it that said, “there is nothing better to do than to save souls”? I’m learning that more and more. Nothing gets my blood and adrenaline pumping faster than leading people to Jesus and helping them get their journey with him started!

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