Daily Archives: February 22, 2007


Ever woke up in an agitated state?

I don’t, or at least not too often. Today I did, but it wasn’t a typical “agitated state.” Something about it was different. The funny thing about “different” is that it can be good or it can be bad. My dilemma has been to make that determination.

There seems to be a strong spiritual component to it. I’ve been inundated with friends and individuals struggling through “situations.” I have no magic words to make it all better. The day is winding down, and I’m still in that state. I don’t care for days like today, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that they exist to make me stronger and to get me ready. Ready for what, I’m not sure, but honing me like rubbing metal against metal.

I ran across this the other day: Put your hope in the Lord. Travel steadily along his path. [Psalms 37:34]. Seems to be good counsel to follow, especially today.


Hanging out with Dad

Pastor Jeff reminded me of something yesterday.

He was telling of how when he arrived home each evening his kids would run to him, using his legs as a backstop, and wrap themselves around him like a snake around a tree. They are so happy to see him that they just want to crawl up in his lap and glow in his presence.

He also mentioned how he took his youngest with him in his car; when they returned home the little munchkin could only talk about his dad’s car. Now, as Jeff pointed out, his car is a ’93 Toyota and not an ’07 Cadillac. What Emery was excited about had nothing to do with the car, it had to do with being with his dad.

Both of these stories perfectly illustrate what our relationship with the Creator ought to be. Hanging out with Dad, crawling up in His lap, listening to his stories, hearing His voice. It’s nice to be reminded of this in such a real way. Makes you want to experience it, doesn’t it?