Daily Archives: January 27, 2007

Visual connection

Dang! I just can’t let it go today . . .

I’ve been perusing the almost 2,500 photos that the team took while in Brasil and this has created some hard-core flashback stuff. I’m not even back for 24 hours and I’m already tripping on what took place.cemetary.jpg

I am blessed to be associated with some absolutely awesome folks. I wouldn’t be afraid to go into any situation with any of them. We experienced some really powerful stuff, the kind of stuff that makes your hair stand up on end and goosebumps to run dragstrip races up and down your spine. Each one of these guys (sorry gals, you’re a “guy” for this discussion) engaged the enemy like David taking on Goliath. Though frightened (just like Joshua was), when I yelled “charge,” they did! We saw the enemy get his butt kicked, and I do mean literally. Even though he counterattacked, we did too. As we stood on the Evil One’s home turf, from which he temporarily retreated, we yelled, whooped, danced, and sang praises to the Jesus Lord until we were hoarse. Though the war isn’t over yet, we now are absolutely confident of the final outcome.

JP, Brad, June, Arimar, Jeff, Rodrigo, Valgledson, Allison, Valdimário, Antônio and Edileusa, thank you for allowing me to serve with you!

For those of you who are inspired by what they accomplished or will be inspired by what they accomplished as you learn more, and are interested in a future trip, please let me know.


Initial Reflections

Ok, I’ve been back for every bit of 16 hours. Feeling better, a bit more peppy. But I will not complain when bedtime rolls around again.

The trip was a good one. Definitely a productive one. Lots of hard work began yielding some remarkable fruit.

The image that comes to mind is that of a dam that has developed a crack at the base. This region of Brasil has belonged to the Evil One for longer than we can imagine. It is a stronghold. He’s ruled with an iron fist and the town of Ubaúna is a reflection of his rule. In fact, Ubaúna has amazingly served as the capital of his reign.

A simple jaunt 13 miles down the road to the neighboring town of Frecheirinha shows a stark contrast: clean, inviting, happy people, vibrant — even in the heat. Ubaúna is the opposite.

As a result of the activities of this expedition, the staunchness and iron control has developed a crack. This crack is a fast spreading crack. It threatens to turn into a gapping hole. Holes in the side of a dam usually spell the doom of the structure. Such it is with this one . . . the king is dead, long live the King!

I really don’t mean to be melodramatic. The fact is that a fundamental change has occurred in the spiritual fabric of Ubaúna. The folks involved in this trip, Americans and Brasilians, can be proud of the way they served their Commander. They truly were warriors for the Way. I believe that we will look back on this trip in the very near future and be able to say that it was the beginning of the end, or, from the Jesus-Lord’s perspective, the beginning of the beginning.

Like my title states, this is an initial reflection. Bear with me as I work though my thoughts and impressions. I’d be very interested in hearing yours after reading mine.


Sometimes I just feel old . . .

Today is one of those days. We got back into RDU about 11:45 p.m. last night and made the exceedingly long drive back to Wilmington, arriving between 1:30 and 2:00 (a.m., mind you). Got home, fell into the bed, woke 8 hours later with the sense that Napolean’s army had marched through my mouth and over my body! Whew! Funky!

Coming back to consciousness is good. My queen (Arimar) and I have just blown through 2 hours of nonstop talking. We’ve been pouring over our experiences, comparing notes, making comments, disagreeing over what actually happened and generally savoring this most recent Brasilian experience.

I’ve got lots to share — bear with me. I’ll be putting much more up over the next few days. I did upload about 30 new pixs last night while in Miami so check them out. I’ll be putting up many more in some sort of organized manner (keep checking back).

Be sure to be checking Jeff and Brad‘s blogs. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to be writing!