Daily Archives: January 15, 2007


I think I’m a pretty fortunate fellow.

It’s not often that you get to pursue your dream with really neat folks. Now, obviously, it all has a delicious flavor when I’ve got my queen and prophetess riding shotgun with me. But when you throw in guys (this does include females, too) who have a passion for the Jesus-Lord, who are friends, and are just plain neat folks, well, it just doesn’t get much better than that!

Amazingly, they are quite talented. With the exception of myself and Brad (though he does have rhythm — I don’t), their skills at music are phenomenal. Brad plays a mean keyboard, but it has to be attached to a Mac –then it plays an incredible sympony. These guys can sing in a languange they don’t speak, play guitars like James Taylor and wolf down pizza like pros! This is gonna be an interesting trip!

So who are these gnarly guys? Brad, JP, Jeff, and June. You’ll be hearing much more about them as our adventure to Ubaúna begins on Wednesday.

As they say, stay tuned.